Your satisfaction is our motivation

The founder of the company, Markus Rositzka, worked for several years in the security business and served as regular soldier in the army. His aim is to give emergency task forces from all agencies the possibility to have reliable eqipment, made in Germany.


Many years ago “ROSI”, as he was called by his companions, became enthusiastic about professional and tactical eqipment and since then his passion is to optimize and improve his eqipment. Through his long standing experiences gained in his jobs and also in martial arts, condition traing, mountaineering and bushcrafting he got the idea and the dream to produce equipment by himself. This dream began 2015 with an old sewing  machine in the cellar and expanded quickly to a passion which found many fans and customers.


At the beginning ROSI produced for his companions in the army backpacks, platecarriers, magazine pouches, multipurpose pouches, belts ans practical utensils like toilet bag or tobacco pouch on request. After his period of service ROSI extended his company more and more.


The production of specific contracts and individual requests is still a big focus in the daily business of ROSE TAC®, but now we pay also attention to product series for traders and agencies.