Innerbelt made of polyamide webbing from Güth&Wolf, 40mm wide. Velcro® Loops on the outside and hooks in the inner surface. Collaborate with outer Belts!

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Heavy Duty COBRA® Belt

The appeal of this belt lies in its simplicity. Manufactured with a piece of webbing, a coherent seam and a milled aluminium COBRA® buckle.


 The simple counstruction allows an infinitely variable size adjustment from the buckle until the end of the webbing. Sizes to L (100cm) and to XXL (115cm).




Buckle: AUSTRIALPIN COBRA® Frame Stretch 45mm(1 3/4")


Webbing: 45mm(1 3/4") Güth & Wolf GmbH polyamide type 13 Class 1a according to MIL-4088 with 4098 kg rupture strain!


Thread: Gütermann polyamide 6.6


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Classic Rigger Belt with a black COBRA D-Ring Buckle.  All the webbing and thread are "MILSPEC".

OLIVE RAL 7013 (similar to NATO Olive or RANGER GREEN)

Buckle: COBRA® D-Ring 45mm (1 3/4")

Webbing : 45mm (1 3/4") milspec MIL- 4088 Güth& Wolf GmbH

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COBRA® WAR BELT D-Ring impresses with his variety of possible applications, modular placement of equipment and extreme capability of resistance. Available in standard sizes S-L (83-95cm) and L-XXL (93-115cm).




  • Güth & Wolf Type 13 Class 1a manufactured according to MIL4088, with 4098Kg rupture strain!
  • Güth & Wolf 19mm Polyamid, made to 10mm double stitched, manufactured according to TL 83050281
  • VELCRO® 30mm hook in the inner surface of the belt
  • Gütermann polyamide 6.6 thread
  • AustriAlpin COBRA® DRing buckle

 Get it in BLACK or OLIVE !

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RANGE BELT (incl. Innerbelt)

COBRA® WAR BELT D-RING plus INNERBELT = RANGEBELT. Available in Sizes S-L (83-95cm) and L-XXL (93-115cm). 

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